Chinese Simple Sentences, 2022.3.19

€ 15,00

Saturday Mandarin training via ZOOM, March 19, 2022, 12:30-14:00 CET
The meeting link will be sent to the registered people prior to the meeting.

Objectives (for Mandarin learners):
-Get to know the four subject-predicate sentences and two non-subject-predicate sentences
-To make the correct simple sentences yourself


Our program:
-Introduction round (10 minutes)
-Warm up: funny or embarrassing moments of your Chinese learning (15 minutes)
-Training session (30 minutes)
-Homework check, improve, and apply what you have learned
 (30 minutes)
-Wrap up (5 minutes)


Preparation in advance (about 15 minutes):
-Write several simple sentences in Chinese characters or Pinyin
-Write several simple sentences in English (or Dutch)
-Translate the sentences on the icon picture if you can


Suggested prompts:
-Take a good look at the icon picture of this training